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Soundproof Vinyl

A soundproofing vinyl can isolate the sound and make the environment noise-free. The soundproof vinyl is a high-density film that is fixed on the floor, wall, and ceiling to block low-frequency sound waves, also known as bass and sound vibrations. According to the requirements of sound insulation, vinyl soundproofing material has various thicknesses, from 1.2mm to 3mm.

The vinyl backed insulation material can be easily fixed using adhesives and nails. The STC (Sound Transmission Level) of a sound proof vinyl with a load mass of 3mm is 27. Use this product to easily isolate lower frequencies.

Is sound deadening vinyl flammable?

The good news again is that soundproofing vinyl is designed to withstand higher temperatures. But this does not mean that it is 100% fireproof. If exposed to high temperature continuously for a long time, the plasticizer in it will catch fire. However, because it takes a lot of heat to burn soundproof vinyl, it is definitely safer than foam board in terms of fire protection.

Soundproof Vinyl Technical Specifications

Size: 1x5m, 1x10m
Color: Black
Thickness: 3mm, 2mm, 1.2mm
Soundproofing Vinyl Sound Proof Vinyl Soundproofing Vinyl Backed Insulation 1/8 Inch

Sound Deadening Vinyl Installation

Soundproofing vinyl is heavy because of its high density and greater mass. The molecules of the product are flexible and can be easily installed on a variety of surfaces, including oil refinery pipelines used for isolation, and also tightly adhere to and isolate the sound. Large amounts of loaded vinyl can be easily installed when needed using synthetic rubber adhesive and nails.

The main application of the product is sound isolation, sound blocking and low frequency control for:

Multiple hall
Home theatre
Manufacturing unit

The performance, sound characteristics and fire rating of all products are approved. In order to meet industry standards, all products should meet the requirements.

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