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Self Adhesive MLV

Mass loaded vinyl (mlv) is a sound insulation felt suitable for floor, wall and ceiling, and is ideal for multi-bedroom residential, commercial, retail and fitness applications. Provide long-term performance without crashing or bottoming out. The sound proof mat properties make the floor comfortable under the feet. The MLV barrier is produced and passed the management system certification. As a leading supplier, self adhesive version is also available and supports quick installation.

Self Adhesive MLV Specifications

Size: 1x5m, 1x10m
Color: Black
Thickness: 3mm, 2mm, 1.2mm

The adhesive formulation can maximize the performance of flooring and acoustic products. The mass loaded vinyl adhesive is made in China and meets VOC requirements. It is suitable for green buildings and can provide certified floor systems for standard personnel and installation contractors.

Mass Loaded Vinyl Adhesive MLV Installation MLV Sheet China Wholesale

MLV Sheet Application areas:

Self adhesive mlv is available in rolls. This new format facilitates quick installation and is very suitable for installation programs. According to the “Building Code”, the floor noise insulation level (impact resistance) has been independently tested under laboratory-controlled conditions and field tests have been carried out, showing that it complies with the current building regulations.

Even under high loads, creep is minimal.
Resistant to aging and deformation.
Quick and easy MLV installation.
Can be used together with sound deadening materials China.
Made in China with recycled materials.
Minimize building height.
Choose certified sustainable products for a good environment.
High quality and precise material thickness.
Suitable for underfloor heating.
Protect the expansion joints.
Limit sound transmission.
Proven durability.

Can I take other measures to reduce noise besides installing mlv wall material?
Adding some carpet to the decoration will help reduce noise in the area where the carpet is placed.

Do you recommend a specific standard for self adhesive mass loaded vinyl?
The STC grades meet most of the level council requirements related to wall and ceiling panel. Complete test data from well-known third-party laboratories can be provided upon request.

In a controlled environment recognized by the International Building Code (IBC), there are two types of laboratory sound testing for sound vibrations that propagate from one residential area to another: impact insulation class (IIC) and sound transmission class ( STC). Both IIC and STC sound tests have a level of 50 or higher, which will meet the minimum requirements of the International Building Code. The International Building Code also recognizes non-laboratory “field” testing for impact sound (FIIC) and airborne sound (FSTC). These sound tests use the same test methods as IIC and STC, but are performed in the actual building after the floor is installed.