Floor Insulation

Floor Insulation

Floor Insulation | Sound Insulation Between Floors

Soundproof floor insulation products are an important and popular acoustic material for insulation between floors or walls.

Sound transmission through the floor and ceiling is a common problem especially in older buildings. There are two main problems with noise transfer: airborne and impact noise. Each of which is different and requires separate sound insulation treatment. Airborne noise is most easily to be handled using MLV and impact noise can be treated by anti vibration mat or soundproof underlay.

Use this soundproof underlay (11mm thick) as a carpet underlay for rubber floor insulation. It is not heavy and provides a soundproof layer on the floor and under the carpet for noise control. It is a tough, wearable material that can be placed on a floating hard floor or below to slow down the noise transfer from top to bottom.

MLV is usually used as a carpet liner, one type has foam backing, and the other does not have a foam backing. The foam pad is recommended under the carpet because it provides a vibrating pad that floats the barrier on the floor. This helps to reduce the pace and impact noise. The MLV without foam can be used as the second layer to increase the sound reduction in floor insulation.

Floor Insulation

Insulation for floors or floor underlay sound insulation is usually carried out in this way: first seal the underground cracks and gaps with an acoustic seal. Floor tape with metal tape. Place the MLV down, tie it together with metal tape and seal the edge. Place the soundproof underlay. Cover the soundproof underlay with sand and cement. Important! Do not skip the steps to check and fill the gap and tape on your bare floor!

For airborne noise, we sell three kinds of MLVs for sound insulation between floors.

Good: 1.2mm thick, no foam backing. The STC is 20 dB.
Better: 2mm thick, with foam backing. The STC is 23 dB.
Best: 3mm thick, with foam backing. The STC is 25 dB.

For impact noise, we have soundproof underlay or soundproof mat.
3mm thick. The IIC is 48 dB.

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