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Being a cheap & environmentally friendly insulation material, mass loaded vinyl is the ultimate noise reduction product for residential & commercial buildings.

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Mass Loaded Vinyl

Mass loaded vinyl sound insulation is the ultimate noise reduction product for residential and commercial buildings. As a tough and effective noise reduction material, cheap mass loaded vinyl sheet is a more environmentally friendly and viable alternative to old lead sound insulation.

The goal of mass loaded vinyl sound insulation is to add dense mass to the enclosed area to prevent sound waves from passing through the ceiling and walls. In fact, you will find MLV sound insulation material in the recording studio to take seriously sound control.


1. Thickness: 3mm, 2mm, 1.2mm
2. Size: 1000x5000mm, 1000x10000mm

Mass loaded vinyl or mass load vinyl is a high density nonporous material that exhibits non-resonant quality due to its flexible nature. The introduction of mass loaded vinyl barrier as an effective sound control option is a good news for architects and engineers. Installing mass loaded vinyl not only provides amazing noise reduction capabilities, but also safe and easy to use. The MLV is usually connected to joists or studs. Once the application of sound caulking id done, the seam is sealed with tape to ensure optimum sound insulation.

The mass loaded vinyl blocks noise every day, from traffic and street construction sounds to railways, buses and even aircraft. For a variety of sound problems, this is a cost-effective solution developed by mass loaded vinyl manufacturers. As a DIY soundproof material, mass loaded vinyl is one of the best choices you can find in the market.

Mass Load Vinyl | Mass Loaded Vinyl Manufacturers

How to install mass loaded vinyl on walls for sound insulation?

You can buy mass loaded vinyl and sandwich it between drywall or other building materials to create noise-canceling ceilings, floors and walls for home, commercial and industrial installations. The Premier insulation system combines damping, isolation and mass to achieve the best sound insulation.

The mass loaded vinyl provides excellent noise reduction by adding mass with a minimum thickness. For example, standard mass loaded vinyl is only 3mm and has an independent STC rating of 26. Other product that blocking 26 dB could have been much more thicker, which takes up lots of space.

You can also use mass loaded vinyl to wrap plastic pipes, industrial insulation, steel columns, metal pipes and any other items to minimize noise propagation.

Compared with the dry wall, mass loaded vinyl is thinner, softer and flexible. Sound insulation mass loaded vinyl is an effective complement to dry wall and plywood building components. Compared to traditional building materials, the flexibility of mass loaded vinyl increases vibration control and consumes more sound energy. The increased density provided by the mass loaded vinyl also help block more mid and high frequency noise.

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