Sound Proof Material | Sound Blocking Material

Sound Proof Material Before we talk about the different sound proof materials, we need to understand “NRC” and “Rw”. NRC represents the noise reduction coefficient, which is a rating that evaluates the effectiveness of sound blocking material in absorbing sound and avoiding reverberation throughout the room. NRC ranges from 0, which means that all sounds […]

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Cheap Insulation | Cheap Insulation Materials

Cheap Insulation If anyone asks if there are cheap insulation materials to recommend, I’d say mass loaded vinyl. Needless to say these specialist difficulties need expert solutions. Noise is of course a special area of ​​expertise, so the solution is often need to be professional, which often means very expensive. Mass loaded vinyl (MLV) was […]

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Insulation Board | Sound Insulation Board

Insulation Board Sound insulation board is usually used when the wall itself can’t block enough noise. The room to the room noise insulation is rated by sound transmission level (STC). The acoustic properties of ordinary walls are usually STC 30 to 34. This is considered poor because you can easily hear the conversation. Mass loaded […]

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