Soundproof Mat

Soundproof Mat

Soundproof Mat | Acoustic Mat

MLV soundproof mat, also known as soundproof rubber mat, felt mat, sound mat and sound proof mat, is one of the original sound insulation products. It has been considered the best solution to solve many of the noise problems. The application of rubber sound insulation mat includes doors, windows and other openings, as well as around the pipes, pipes, curtains, cars and hanging from the outer fence.

Vibration Mat for Floor

The floor components have been made up of various materials with different resonant properties. Because of this, mass loaded vinyl in the floor is just part of a system. If the basement is concrete or lightweight concrete, the mass loaded vinyl alone has little value in the assembly. In order to obtain significant gains on the ceiling, we recommend using floor insulation vibration mat and soundproofing floor mat together to solve the problem. The vibration mat is available in 11mm thick and 11m/roll.

Soundproof Mat

Soundproof Mat for Wall

Installing the rubber soundproof mat in the standard duty wall will reduce the sound transmission. The maximum advantage of insulating rubber mat is in the middle and high frequency range. Office, bedroom, and any area related to sound and television noise will benefit from sound deadening mat.

Acoustic Grid Blanket

Frequent complaints in commercial office space are sound transmission from the grid ceiling. The best option is to add a layer of super soundproofing mat to the top of the acoustic grid panel without converting the acoustic grid ceiling into a framed assembly.

Soundproof Mats for Door / window

The use of soundproof mats as curtain for doors and windows is a good use of the insulation material. It provides a decent mass and sound insulation without permanently blocking the opening.