Mass loaded vinyl is a soundproofing material, which was first introduced into the noise industry to replace the lead sheeting. The lead sheeting is old soundproofing material, but it is well known that lead is identified as a toxic substance that needs to be found in alternative products.

The mass-loaded vinyl soundproofing material is made from a combination of rubber and other materials. This combination gives a set of features similar to the original cheap soundproofing material lead sheeting, but without potentially dangerous side effects. The purpose of mass loaded vinyl is exactly the same as its name. It is used to add mass to a wall or ceiling, making it the best soundproofing material and harder for sound to pass through.

Soundproofing Material

Product Advantages

Mass loaded vinyl products have amazing results to the soundproofing industry. It is not only a safe alternative to lead, it is also easier to use and apply. These parts are usually connected to the studs or joists of the area and then cover the edges of the joints with the acoustic caulking. After caulking, make sure the seal is complete and no sound is passed.

  1. Excellent Sound Insulation
  2. As Thin As 3mm
  3. Flexible Insulation Material
  4. Easy Installation
  5. Waterproof & Eco Friendly

About Products

Bulk mass loaded vinyl products are not only easy to use, but also look good. It is an effective soundproofing material for walls and ceilings on the market today, creating an unparalleled reflective barrier. The only alternative to a mass loaded vinyl is glass fiber insulation – another material is now overshadowed in the construction and sound insulation industry.

Bulk mass loaded vinyl soundproofing materials are not only suitable for use in homes, but also for commercial buildings and commercial studios. They have the ability to stop the daily life noise, but also blocked high-traffic areas caused by the major sound, including aircraft, trains, highways and so on. This incredible soundproofing material is not only a good sound insulation solution, but also cost-effective. The material itself is relatively inexpensive, and even if you have to hire someone else to install it, you may need to pay much less than the cost of installing lead-based sound insulation.

Mass loaded vinyl is one of the best floor soundproofing materials and soundproofing walls materials. Use it on your walls or ceiling as materials for soundproofing. We are sure you will be amazed at the quietness of your home or office.

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Soundproofing Material