Pipe Insulation | Pipe Insulation Material

For better insulation for pipes, you can wrap the pipe with pipe insulation and sound absorption material first and then use mass loaded vinyl to recover.

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Pipe Insulation

MLV is the most used material for pipe insulation. Mass loaded vinyl (MLV) is a soundproof material designed with high density and good flexibility. These functions are important for reducing noise and vibration. It’s a mass-loaded sheet that can be suspended or laid in various applications.

For better insulation for pipes, you can wrap the pipe with sound absorption material first and then use MLV to recover. Absorbing sound to a large extent depends on the knowledge and manipulation of sound wavelengths. For example, a medium-high frequency (e.g., 500 Hz or more) has a wavelength length greater than 68 cm. In order to absorb this wavelength with acoustic wool, a minimum depth of the absorber of a quarter wavelength is required. In this example, a depth of 17 cm is required to attenuate the frequency above 500 Hz.

Mass loaded vinyls are first developed as non-toxic alternative to lead linings as a noise blocking material in industrial environments. Now it’s be used for dozens of applications such as pipe insulation material. Insulated PVC pipe is requested in many buildings.

Pipe Insulation | Pipe Insulation Material

The mass-loaded vinyl can be used in pipe insulation as a limp package to cover the noisy pipes and HVAC pipes. Limp simply means that it is decoupled from the pipe or duct and loosely attached to the parts. The pipe insulation thickness is about 3mm. The result of encapsulating pipes and pipes is to reduce the noise leakage and increase the overall noise transmission loss.

In addition to PVC pipe insulation and water pipe insulation, the following list is some of the best and most commonly used methods for using MLV.

1. Create a noise enclosure or screen around a noisy machine
2. Add a sound distortion layer to the suspended ceiling
3. Turn the dishwasher into invisible washing machine
4. Block vehicle road noise and vibration
5. Eliminate noise leaks near doors and windows in the home theater
6. Improve the sound, increase the car bass