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Industrial sound insulation often involves in noisy machines or pipes. Mass loaded vinyl is most effective when used as part of a fully sound insulation system.

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General Details

Industrial Insulation

MLV is a heavy flexible soundproofing vinyl for home, office and industrial insulation. Designed to absorb sound waves and block airborne noise, mass loaded vinyl has a dense structure weighing up to 4 kg/m2. It can be used in industrial pipe insulation and machine parts.

Industrial Insulation for Wall

Industrial sound insulation often involves in noisy machines. One single panel or sound insulation rolls may not work well. Mass loaded vinyl is most effective when used as part of a fully sound insulation system, whether it is to soundproof a wall or a ceiling. MLV is incorporated into the noise wall system to prevent external noise from entering or contain internal noise for privacy. The dry wall is used to cover the mass load of the vinyl, so it can resonate with the sound waves and absorb them.

Sound Blanket Barrier

If you don’t want to soundproof the whole wall or ceiling. To enclose the noisy machine is also an industrial soundproofing solution. MLV can be made with grommet. Use a strong grommet to hang a large number of mass loaded vinyl around the machine can largely reduce noise.

Industrial Insulation

More about Industrial insulation

Industrial noise insulation has high requirements for materials. Our sound insulation vinyl barrier does not shrink, rot or cause metal corrosion, and has a strong resistance to adverse environmental conditions, oil, weak acids and alkalis. It can be combined with acoustic foam and glass fiber insulated wool to provide light and efficient composites with high transmission losses over a wide frequency range. Most importantly, as industrial pipe insulation suppliers, we proudly say there is no harmful lead or heavy metals used in our mass loaded vinyl.

Volume Size:

Thickness: 3mm
Size: 1200 x 5000mm
Temperature range -40 F – 180 F

Industrial Insulation Characteristics

Noise transmission loss (dB) / frequency (Hz)
Hz 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 STC
DB 16 17 22 27 31 36 26