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Mass-Loaded Vinyl Ceiling | Mass Loaded Vinyl Sheet for Sound Isolation Cheap Mass Loaded Vinyl Underlayment Wall

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Mass Loaded Vinyl Insulation

Due to its flexibility, aesthetics and safety, mass loaded vinyl insulation material can be installed in a variety of ways and positions, which can be used to reduce noise. Some people even install them on fences and cars outside. Usually, people don’t install mass loaded vinyl sheet for sound isolation directly on the surface. Instead, they sandwich it between other materials. In this way, you can install MLV on concrete, stone or wood floors, insulation for walls, ceilings, etc. You can install mass loaded vinyl roll in more places to optimize sound insulation.

If you want to soundproof an entire room or even an entire building, your biggest fear may be that you have to remove the walls. With MLV from mass loaded vinyl barrier suppliers, no extreme operations are required. All you need to do is put a felt strip on the gypsum board, install a mass loaded vinyl ceiling on it, and then put another layer of gypsum board on it. A three-layer wall with rich MLV fillers will make sound almost impossible to get in and out.

Mass Loaded Vinyl Insulation Specifications

Size: 1x5m, 1x10m
Thickness: 3mm, 2mm, 1.2mm

Mass Loaded Vinyl Sheet for Sound Isolation Cheap Mass Loaded Vinyl Underlayment Wall

Soundproof ceiling or floor

If you live in an apartment building and are bored with the noise from neighbors upstairs and/or downstairs, installing mass loaded vinyl cheap vinyl on the ceiling and/or floor can help you effectively isolate the noise. In order to reduce noise, more places where you can install MLV are partition walls in offices, mass loaded vinyl underlayment for school computer rooms, computer server rooms and mechanical rooms.

Doors and windows

Like the cold, noise will be found around closed doors and windows. If the door or window is cheap or old, this is a more obvious problem. But it can be easily fixed by installing MLV curtains on doors or windows to minimize noise transmission. If you are worried that hanging MLV curtains on doors or windows will make your apartment ugly, you will forget that they will be painted. Paint the mass loaded vinyl insulation curtain in your favorite color, then observe whether it complements your interior decoration and listen to it can block the noise.


You can use MLV to safely cover problematic machinery or equipment to reduce noise. The flexibility of mass loaded vinyl sheet for sound isolation also makes it suitable for coating HVAC pipes and ducts to reduce its constant rumbling and tilting sound.


That’s right. The MLV in your car! When others try to get a bulletproof car, you can get a soundproof car that allows you to sail in a cocoon of happiness and tranquility. In addition to excluding the noise in the car, it can also keep the noise to the maximum and minimize the external noise that may damage the groove, so that you can finally fully enjoy the car’s audio system.