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Mass Loaded Vinyl Roll

To block sound, you need very thick/dense materials. When you think of something with high density, you might think of a thick concrete slab or something of the same density instead of cardboard. Despite being thin, the heavily mass loaded vinyl roll blocks sound like champions. The combination of thinness and lightness brings an excellent mass-to-thickness ratio, which gives mass-loaded vinyl a considerable advantage over other noise reduction materials. Its lightness also means that you can use it on plasterboard without worrying about collapsing under its weight.

Another important advantage of vinyl mass loaded material is its flexibility, which completely separates it from most other rigid mass loaded vinyl supplied on rolls. Whether you want to install on a surface of various shapes and forms, you can twist, wrap and bend the mass loaded vinyl roll. You can pack and install it in pipes, elbows, corners, vents or any hard-to-reach places you encounter. Since it covers the entire surface without any gaps, it has excellent sound insulation.

Mass-Loaded Vinyl Specifications

Size: 1x5m, 1x10m
Thickness: 3mm, 2mm, 1.2mm

Mass Loaded Vinyl Supplied on Rolls Vinyl Mass Loaded Does Mass Loaded Vinyl Work

STC score

Sound Transmission Level (STC) is a measurement unit of sound. Does mass loaded vinyl work? The STC score for 3mm Mass-Loaded Vinyl is 25 to 27. Considering its lightness, this is a good result. In order to improve the sound insulation of MLV, only one layer is needed.

Disadvantages of Mass Loaded Vinyl for Sale

So far, MLV has only one major drawback, and that is its price. Depending on the type, manufacturer and seller, the price of a square foot MLV ranges from 0.5 to 2.50 US dollars. If you have a limited budget or need a lot of soundproofing surfaces, then mass loaded vinyl roll may not be suitable. However, if you need to soundproof difficult objects (such as pipes or vents), or need to soundproof a special room (such as a home theater or recording studio), mass loaded vinyl installation is a good choice.

Mass-Loaded Vinyl Alternatives

If you are curious about whether any sound insulation alternative is similar to quality loaded vinyl, you can. But you should know that in some respects, they do not fully meet the mass loaded vinyl standards. One such option is acoustic curtains. They are similar to mass loaded vinyl supplied on rolls in a sense, and you can hang them on doors and windows to reduce noise. Therefore, if aesthetics is more important to you than noise reduction, then mass loaded vinyl rolls are made for you. Another option is acoustic cushioning. These are effective in reducing noise transmission between floors.