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Noise Insulation for Floors Rubber Floor Insulation Roll | Acoustic Insulation Between Floors Sound Insulation Floor Mats 5 mm Resilient Acoustic Underlay

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Acoustic Floor Insulation Materials

Acoustic floor insulation materials are used in a variety of household and commercial applications to significantly reduce vibration and impact noise transmitted through the floor. The floor insulation roll is designed to be installed under the finished floor and used as a shock absorber, thereby reducing the vibrations transmitted through the building. It is an environmentally friendly material composed of recycled tire rubber. Besides 5 mm resilient acoustic underlay, the sound insulation floor mats are also available in a thickness of 3-20mm.

It is a durable and renewable “green” building material used as acoustic insulation between floors, which contains more than 80% post-consumer recycled materials. Most new rubber products emit a variety of organic compounds, and the smell of these organic compounds is similar to a newly painted room. If installed correctly on the floor, these odors will not be detected. If exposed to a poorly ventilated area, it will emit a harmless low-level odor, which will decrease over time and is not harmful to health. Please note that people who are sensitive to smell may find this smell unpleasant.

Acoustic Floor Insulation Materials Specifications

Size: 1x10m
Color: Mix color
Thickness: 3mm-20mm

Acoustic Insulation Between Floors Sound Insulation Floor Mats 5 mm Resilient Acoustic Underlay

The noise insulation for floors can be used outdoors. The principle of sound insulation is the same: increase mass and significantly reduce/eliminate airflow. In addition to mass and airflow, the ideal situation is to create a constraining layer in which the lining is sandwiched between two layers of harder, denser material. Sound energy is dissipated in the middle layer due to changes in its elasticity and density.

The floor insulation roll is a flat elastic rubber layer, made of high-quality post-consumer recycled rubber particles, these particles are encapsulated in a wear-resistant and waterproof network with a variety of colors Reprocess EPDM rubber. The acoustic floor insulation materials can be used directly on most floor finishes and can produce excellent results even on hard ground floors and concrete and wood joist structures.

Tile Floor Installation

Plywood flooring
Ceramic tile

The sound insulation floor mat is very suitable for installation under vinyl floors, carpets and carpet tiles. The thickness of floor acoustic underlay is 3mm and 5mm. It’s differet from soundproof mats for walls. This material is very popular in apartment construction because of its thinness and ability to achieve high performance. The IIC ranges from 50 to 65 or greater, depending on the floor/ceiling assembly and floor covering.

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