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Sound Insulation Mat Noise Dampening Mat | Sound Dampening Mat Flexible Soundproofing Material Proofing Sound Reduction Mat

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Sound Reducing Mat

What price do you have to pay to never have to hear the lovely lady downstairs beating the ceiling with a broom again? What do you think of her, she does not want to hear the sound of work boots on the ground or the sound of TV from the ceiling? The sound reducing mat or sound proof mat is easy to install and can be placed under any tile, carpet, laminate, hardwood and stone floor. In addition to being a good method for soundproofing floors, sound proofing mats can also be used to improve indoor sound quality, warming cold floors and preventing mildew, mildew and moisture permeability.

Sound Insulation with Sound Reducing Mat

For soundproof apartment buildings, multi-storey houses, hotels, apartment buildings, apartments and any other places where people are roaming up and down, the sound reduction mat of the floor will hinder the transmission of structural sound and airborne sound. If you want to know what it’s like not to listen to the harsh sound from the ceiling, or if you want you to jump to electronic music at 3 am without disturbing the people below you, reducing the vibration with flexible soundproofing material on the floor can help.

Noise Dampening Mat Specifications

Size: 1x10m
Color: Mix color
Thickness: 3mm-20mm
Sound Dampening Mat Flexible Soundproofing Material Proofing Sound Reduction Mat
This is a sound control product made of recycled rubber, which has been thoroughly tested in hundreds of field and laboratory tests. Designed for use under most floor types (including floating, gluing and grouting), sound dampening mat can provide excellent sound insulation even under the floor of a wooden building. In fact, the effect of this noise dampening mat is so good that you will find it in hotels, high-rise buildings and multi-million dollar organizational office buildings all over the world.

The highest impact insulation class (IIC) class

Although there are hundreds of noise reduction technologies available, the performance of the soundproofing rubber mat is better than other sound insulation materials by providing excellent IIC ratings. It has a higher level of noise reduction (up to 25) than glass fiber, polyethylene, nylon matrix and cork. In addition, this sound insulation mat has a lower system height, thereby reducing the need for the suspended ceiling to achieve the required impact insulation level.

Is the floor sound barrier mat easy to install?

Installation methods vary, but we provide a free installation guide for installing acoustic floors where minor changes may be required. Most installations of soundproof matting can be installed without the use of special tools.

Reduce floor vibration with sound reducing mat

Most importantly, it effectively prevents unnecessary noise and even prevents noisy confrontation between people living or working with each other. That’s always a good thing, isn’t it? Even in the early morning, everyone can do their own thing without disturbing those around them.