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Mass Loaded Vinyl Existing Wall |Mass Loaded Vinyl on Wall Mass Loaded Vinyl Over Drywall Size 1x5m 1x10m Roll

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Mass Loaded Vinyl for Walls

Mass load vinyl sheet was and has been an industry leader in adding heavy substances to floors, walls, ceilings and structures. Quality is a key component in sound control. Due to the excessive weight, work can be done by simply preventing sound from causing the structure to vibrate.

1LB heavy-duty vinyl-1/8″ thick, 1 pound per square foot. The STC rating is 26. It’s most popular mass loaded vinyl on wall. Best used for floors, walls, ceilings, Autombiles, fences, etc.
2LB heavy-duty vinyl-1/4″ thick, 2 pounds per square foot. The STC rating is 33. Mass loaded vinyl over drywall is most suitable for floors, walls, ceilings and room fences.
1/2LB heavy-duty vinyl-1/16″ thick, weighing 0.5 pounds per square foot. The STC rating is 20. Most suitable for pipes, curtains and other lighting applications.

Reasons for buying mass loaded vinyl for walls from us.

We are one of the largest vinyl rubber factories in the China.
Big discount for multiple orders.
We carry whole lines of 1 pound, 2 pounds, half a pound and more.
Our mass load vinyl sheet is manufactured using original materials only in China.
Our MLV has almost no smell.

Mass Loaded Vinyl on Wall Mass Loaded Vinyl Over Drywall Size 1x5m 1x10m Roll

Sound insulation and acoustic treatment are mandatory and are most needed in the construction of the entertainment industry. These buildings produce high levels of internal sound, which can be controlled by noise barriers (mass loaded vinyl existing wall) and sound absorbers (sound insulation pads). Low-frequency sounds (called bass) are produced by sound systems that are blocked using this material. Mass loaded vinyl sheet is appreciated, recognized and used by many sound engineers, acoustic consultants, cinemas, and multiplexers worldwide.

Application area: recording studio

The recording studio is where we listen to the best music today. The recording studio needs perfect sound positioning to achieve the best sound recording and playback. This can be achieved by mixing soundproof vinyl, mass loaded vinyl for walls, absorbers and sound diffusers.

Application field: theater

The commercial sound insulation of the auditorium must absorb echo and reverberation. Where the site is used for multi-purpose applications, sound isolation is required. The auditorium can accommodate many people, and the sound generated inside is very high. In order to control such sounds and control noise problems, we recommend proper mass loaded vinyl insulation for walls, ceilings and floors.