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Sound Blocking Board

Sound blocking board is an environmentally friendly building product with excellent sound attenuation characteristics. It is uniform without delamination. Sound proofing board, aslo known as MgO insulation board, is hardly affected by fire, water, insects, mold and mildew. Sound reduction board is non-toxic, non-flammable, and can maintain its dimensional stability even when wet.

What does it STC and IIC grade mean? These are the sound control levels often used in building codes and layering guidelines. The higher the level, the better the sound insulation effect. The Sound Transmission Level (STC) level is used to measure airborne sounds, such as the sound of neighbors talking or playing music. The impact isolation level (IIC) is used to measure the impact sound transmitted from the floor to the equipment below. The impact sound is the sound of footsteps, objects falling on the floor, etc. We the manufacturer has tested the product in its laboratory according to international standards to determine the STC and IIC levels.

Fire resistance; zero flame spread and smoke development level
No change in size when immersed for a long time without water
Mildew and mildew
No chemicals in the formula
Excellent sound and heat insulation quality
100% recyclable
Good weather resistance;
Very stable, will not expand or contract too much when the temperature changes
Prevent insects, including termites and sugar ants
Excellent strength characteristics
Non-toxic, free of carcinogens, free of silica
Panel size: 2.44m x 1.22m
Thickness: 15mm floor, dry wall and ceiling

Sound Proofing Board Sound Reduction Board 3 Layer Mgo Rubber Boards 15mm

The main purpose of sound blocking board

*Sound insulation of ceilings, drywalls and floors laid on wooden beams.
*The soundproof floor boards can be used with a large amount of loaded vinyl for best results.
*Sound insulation under the roof panel
*MLV mat can be used together with sound blocking board
*Building soundproof enclosure for noise compressors and generators
*Sound insulation of the floor base (instead of ship ply and shutter)

Typical application area: night club

The entertainment industry relies solely on excellent music and loud performances. Using the correct type and quality of sound insulation products can easily handle sound transmission and quality. The use of soundproof floor boards and soundproof panels can isolate bass and low frequencies, while sound reduction boards (such as sound insulation mats) can absorb high and mid frequencies. The same use of sound insulation foam and further covering them with wood or fabric will greatly improve the sound insulation of the area.