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Soundproof Matting

We have two kinds of acoustic materials that can be used as soundproof matting, one is acoustic matting and the other is mass loaded vinyl.

Soundproof Rubber Matting

The soundproof matting for walls absorbs impact noise and makes the room quieter. The soundproof rubber matting can also prevent the transmission of noise, for example from the upper floors of houses, apartment buildings, or lower floors of buildings. Sound deadening matting will attenuate the sound as it travels on the floor. The sound proof matting for walls can be installed in residential properties and various commercial occasions. This includes hotels, reception areas of buildings, and other areas where noise levels are important.

In addition to reducing impact sound, our soundproof matting also make the soles of the tiled floor softer and increase the luxury of the finish.

Can be made of various materials, including rubber
Liners made of natural materials (including corks) can also be used.
It can also be suitable for the sound insulation products you buy by yourself.
Acoustic Matting Rubber Sound Deadening Matting Sound Proof Matting for Walls
Mass loaded Vinyl

MLV is not an absorber like sound proof mat for floor, but a soundproof matting for walls (learn more about the different principles of sound insulation). In order for the material to obtain sufficient sound reflection, it needs to be dense. Therefore, you need higher quality. The working principle of this material is simple, which is to block sound waves thick enough before they propagate. Therefore, the structure of acoustic matting is completely different from the porous structure of sound-absorbing materials (read more). However, if it is installed loosely, it will also absorb sound.

Compared to other soundproof panel, the biggest difference is that MLV (making it an excellent choice for sound insulation) is flexibility. When you want to use it as a sound source in large quantities, drywall panels are usually attached. However, gypsum board is rigid. You can’t really manipulate it around pipes and vents. Of course, you can easily lay gypsum board on the wall. However, the versatility of MLV is that it can reduce all the small gaps around hard-to-reach places. Closed holes are essential for effective sound insulation. If you leave anything behind, you better not worry about sound insulation.

Compared to other soundproof rubber matting or sound blocking board, mass loaded vinyl is more good at wall and ceiling noise, while sound deadening matting is better for floor noise.

Experience and expertise

Our sound proof matting for walls is suitable for various commercial and residential environments. In fact, this is the ideal solution as long as you want to minimize the noise level. In addition, we provide free quotes and competitive prices.