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Mass Loaded Vinyl 3mm Mass Loaded Vinyl Under Carpet |How to Hang Mass Loaded Vinyl on Wall Install Mass Loaded Vinyl for Ceiling

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Mass Loaded Vinyl Installation

Mass loaded vinyl 3mm acts as a reflective barrier, which means it contains and blocks sound. In addition, it is useful on both sides of the wall. Of course, you can also use it on other surfaces. But how does it work? When a sound wave hits a surface, its energy causes vibration. This vibration expands and spreads to the air on the other side of the wall. In this way, outside noise can be heard. It goes straight through the wall.

Vibration will propagate through rigid surfaces such as walls and will spread more easily. If the wall is soft or movable, it will absorb more vibration energy, and you will not hear too much noise in the room. However, since we cannot make a floppy disk wall, mass loaded vinyl under carpet is the next best choice. It is flexible and soft. This means it will block vibrations more effectively, thereby preventing sound transmission.

How to hang mass loaded vinyl? The mass loaded vinyl installation is very simple. For best results, it is recommended that you install mass loaded vinyl on studs. Then you can put the drywall on it.

Mass Loaded Vinyl 3mm Specifications

Size: 1x5m, 1x10m
Thickness: 3mm, 2mm, 1.2mm

How To Hang Mass Loaded Vinyl on Wall Install Mass Loaded Vinyl for Ceiling

Install Mass Loaded Vinyl – under gypsum board


First, you must measure the wall. Then, unfold the MLV on the floor and measure the required length. Cut with a knife or sharp scissors.


Next, you need to apply a piece of the measured mass loaded vinyl to the stud on the insulating material. Hold it in place, start from the top and move down, or start from the side. You may also need another hand to help lose weight. Don’t forget to focus on the edges. They need to be straight along the floor and ceiling.


You can use any type of grip. Since the MLV is located under the gypsum board, you don’t have to worry about the appearance. If available, use nails, screws or pneumatic staplers. Place them 8 inches apart along the edges.


Make the mass loaded vinyl roll seams as close as possible. If they fall between the studs, make sure to overlap by 2 inches. In this way, they will not peel or fall apart. If there is a gap, it can be sealed with a piece of PVC tape.

Final thoughts on mass loaded vinyl installation

Although dealing with noise is not easy, it can be made simple with mass loaded vinyl. This flexible soundproofing material ensures excellent performance and durability.