May 8, 2017

Cheap Insulation | Cheap Insulation Materials

Cheap Insulation

Cheap Insulation

If anyone asks if there are cheap insulation materials to recommend, I’d say mass loaded vinyl.

Needless to say these specialist difficulties need expert solutions. Noise is of course a special area of ​​expertise, so the solution is often need to be professional, which often means very expensive.

Mass loaded vinyl (MLV) was developed as a cheap sound insulation alternative to the expensive and toxic lead insulation years ago. At that time, although it’s cheaper than lead sheeting, many people still thought it’s not the cheapest. With the widely use of MLV, the production cost has been largely reduced in recent years for both wall insulation and floor insulation. Besides, the internet makes trading easier and now you can buy this cheap insulation material online from China. You may save 50% compared to buying from local shops. Isolating your rooms do not have to spend a lot of wealth now.

Assuming you are building a new building, you know that one of the rooms will be your new home theater. You want this room to be soundproof, but your budget has been stretched to the limit.

MLV is your cheap wall insulation solution. It’s easy to install. First, install wood batten on the concrete wall and fill in the air gap with sound absorption wool (optional). Second, paste MLV on the batten and make sure to overlap on the seam and seal it. Third, install cheap insulation board on MLV (optional). Finally, install finish panels, which is another absorption problem rather insulation.

Cheap Insulation | Cheap Insulation Materials

The mass loaded vinyl is a reflective barrier.

As a reflective barrier, mass loaded vinyl did have not absorption property. Instead, it contains or blocks sound waves. This can keep the noise outside the space or inside. Mass loaded vinyl as an effective sound barrier, it doesn’t matter which wall you install on. When you combine it with other noise reduction components such as channels, isolation brackets and sound clips, you can provide greater noise. In addition to soundproof buildings, this versatile cheap insulation material mass loaded vinyl can be used for pipe insulation, AC compressor housings, numerous industrial applications, high-end home entertainment systems and even TV stations.

When you buy a mass loaded vinyl sound insulating screen, you will get one of the best and most effective noise reduction products.

If you are considering using mass loaded vinyl but still do not know if it is suitable for your situation, please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions about this versatile and effective sound insulation products.


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